Episode 830: Christian/Political commentary on the news and current events!!!


Does the Constitution, freedom and liberty matter today?
Time and time again I have folks tell me they want what they want from the government regardless if the government has the authority to give it too them. Folks have a wrong definition on what rights are and how they work. I hear most folks tell me that if they want it then it’s there right to have it.
The SCOTUS is doing a good job going through their cases and making rulings mostly in accordance with the US Constitution. But as Americans we can’t get lulled into a false sense of security that SCOTUS will all do the right thing and make correct rulings. We the People have the final say in what is or is not constitutional!!!
We need to go back to the basics of the Declaration of Independence and all the other founding documents to understand what this Republic is all about. We need to see what rights are according to the founders. And in my opinion the most important thing to see is how the founders viewed governance in view of Christian morality!!!

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