Episode 827: Christian/Political commentary on the news and current events!!!


Why is the American Republic hated???
It seems to me that America is being attacked from all sides. Everyday when I open the news to prep for my radio show, I see another article that either reports of a physical attack on America, or and ideological attack.
We know that ISIS and some other terrorists groups wants to see America destroyed and done away with. ISIS knows that we stand in their way of a worldwide caliphate, and so we must be destroyed.
Secular humanist wants to see our republic destroyed because of the principals America was founded on. Most of the founding fathers saw wisdom in following Christian principals of freedom and liberty. They looked at other nations in history and saw how their religion affected the way they ruled and treated their people. Christianity is the only religion of peace, freedom, and liberty. The founding fathers knew this, and this is why we have the American Republic!!!
Make no mistake the secular humanist that seek to control America are no less of a religion than the religions they seek to silence. They are more fanatical than any Islamic terrorist, and more destructive, because they work behind the scenes in the shadow, and most folks don’t even see them!!!

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