Episode 782: Christian/Political commentary on the news and current events!!!


Looks like it’s going to be a fun day looking at the news headlines for today. I do go and use left wing media outlets to see what they are saying about the news that is happening this week. Most of the time I get a good laugh out of their take, spin, and analysis.
The poor in GA are forced to pay fines or probation cost because of the crimes they commit, can’t pay the fine don’t do the crime!!!
The watermelon environmentalist are trying to get politically funded, consensuses seeking scientist out to march this Saturday April 22nd. What I find funny about all of this, there is so much misinformation being feed to the American public, folks have just checked out of the argument.
Anita Hill and Bill O’Reilly are both in the news, and sexual harassment is the issue of the day.
And finally, the ANTIFA USA groups need to look to Venezuela and see what president Nicholas Maduro is doing to his country, and I do mean his country. If you want to get your facts right, and I doubt that ANTIFA want’s to get their facts right because they don’t fit their narrative. What president Nicholas Maduro is doing is what fascism really looks like!!!

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