Droplets Emerging From Jesus’ Portrait Draws People’s Attention in Sri Lanka

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After unusual water droplets were emerging from a portrait of Jesus Christ at St. Anne’s Church in Wattala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the parishioners considered it as the Lord showing signs of sweating. The parish priest Rev. Fr Sanjeev Mendis said the incident depicts something more than a miracle.

He told Daily Mirror that such miraculous incidents strengthen the faith of the people in Jesus and motivates them to believe the presence of the Lord, the Savior.

“More people are flocking together and praying the Lord. People seem more repentant for the sins they have committed against the Lord. That’s really a deed of God,” said Fr Mendis.

Parishioners crowded in front of the portrait and observed it intensively and prayed more.

“I presume this will be a significant message from the Lord to renew the life of the people,” said Ushantha Rajapasa, who believed the droplets were actual tears of Jesus who was crucified and resurrected.

Another believer said it was a visible sign that signifies the presence of Jesus Christ among his believers.

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