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Dr Myles Munroe Understanding The Kingdom Culture Of Marriage


You are most welcome to my blog platform. I am blessed with the passion to serve God through teaching and evangelistic online ministry to my generation. The website is targeted at teaching and motivating its reader to live a godly life through the principles set down in the Bible and to update them with the current Christians news around the world.


  1. How can I ensure that I watch the You Tube vedio without stopping


  3. Does someone have a full list of all of the books Dr. Munroe suggests? It would be nice to see this in the description, but I'll accept this information in a message or as a response here. Thank you in advance!

  4. I would also like to have a listing of his books. If you get them, please let me know. Thank you! Maybe we can google the titles of his books.

  5. Oh, right. I went on Amazon and put his name in the search bar.

    He's quite a prolific writer. I would easily fill up this text box with his book titles and not cover them all.

  6. What sticks with me the most about this message is There is a lot of information in our culture that is very dangerous. He should have been looking i the mirror when he made that statement. He is a man of man made wisdom. He has no clue in understanding the verses he quotes from Proverbs.

  7. A mans house is the His body: That is where you your conscientiousness live. Your conscientiousness is your life. Your house is built by the way you think and speak. If you do not have Godly wisdom your house which is your flesh will lead you down a path of destruction. If you use Godly wisdom and apply it (understand it) your life your body will be furnished with the treasures of Godliness. Read 2 Timothy 2:20-22. Remember the story of Jesus of the wise man who builds his house on a ROCK

  8. Wonderful teaching. I am bless

  9. Truly you have fought the good fight.May u be with him forever more amen.

  10. God am proud of my life because I love you.

  11. This was eye opening and very much needed. You only listen to Dr. Munroe when you are ready to do the work! Amen!

  12. This is my favorite man of god…je has the tools for successful marriages..

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