Clayton Jennings & The Scandal Of The Cross

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Christianity and Christians are going through a turbulent time these days. Spiritual masters and pastors are convicted in heinous crimes and thus concluding a degree of disbelief for the religion and faith amongst the Christians. Amongst the recent controversies in the Christian world the case of self-proclaimed evangelist Clayton Jennings is the most viral one.

Clayton Jennings an evangelist and Christian preacher has been through the ringer. This Midwestern boy from Indiana, has had high times and low times in being at the forefront of pushing the word of Jesus into the darkness. The Clayton Jennings scandal was known and publicized in many circles, most of the information was blatantly false and malicious. Clayton did engage is premarital sex. He repented of his sins and is upfront about it on his YouTube channel and various other places.

Clayton knows that when you are out front leading, the devil is more prone to target you. So for all of you that are going through spiritual warfare, take heart. The devil only attacks when you are pushing back the darkness.

Clayton has dedicated his life and his ministry to “telling the world” about the life and life of Jesus. He has a new Spoken Word album coming out and one of the tracks is called “Scandal” Let’s hear what Clayton has to say about the Scandalous life of Jesus.

Modern Christianity won’t tell you the real story of the holy cross and crucifixion of Jesus. In ancient Rome, the punishment for heinous crimes was crucifixion and that even with naked body. Jesus was a murderer, thief, and sinner.

Modern day preachers would say Jesus died the death of a thief, murder and general outcast is scandalous, but then again so was the life of Jesus. He ate with sinners, drank wine and was a counter culture radical (calling out the modern day leaders of the law as heretics).

That was the reason why he was executed along with two robbers, before execution he was badly beaten and kept naked in front of whole city. Today preachers will say that he was punished because he took all the sins of his disciples in his name, specially of that thief because of which he was convicted.

Few things which which he said is even more controversial than his life,

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12

“Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them up on the last day; for my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. ”  John 6:54-55

I have only cited few of these things,but of research out, you will find more.

Clayton Jennings and Clayton Jennings scandals are also similar to that of Jesus.

Jesus took all the punishment and returned back even after his death. In the same way Clayton Jennings also repented his sins by crucifixing himself in the wrath of time and came back as a holy man.

Everyone born in the form a human anyhow gets into some kind of transgressions in his life, now it is matter of fact that, does he realizes his sins and repents for it?.

Now when he is accused, it appears completely unbelievable how one can survive in the world even if he accepts his wrong deeds. If the world still sees someone as criminal of mankind then only Almighty Lord will help us.

If we continue to accuse every other person then faith in Christianity would be in big trouble. Lord always forgive those who confesses for his crime, but today’s world has some different opinions about Christianity, the real meaning of Crucifixion has lost and the scandal of the cross is preached to us.

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