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Episode 863 Unless you have been living under a rock, you couldn’t help but hear about what when on in Charlottesville VA. Unite the Right was holding a rally, and other groups came in support of them. Most of the groups are fringe groups of what is refereed to as the Atl-Right. But also in attendance was the BLM and ANTIFA groups, and they were active well before the rally was due to start!!!
There are some facts that the lamestream media and anti-freedom folks who support them have left out of their narrative. Unite the Right was granted a permit to rally, then the city revoked it, and then Unite the Right got a federal judge to reverse the cities rescinding of the rally permit. But while this was going on , Mike Signer mayor of Charlottesville VA and the city manager Maurice Jones granted BLM and ANTIFA groups a permit to rally on the same day as Unite the Right. What could go wrong?
The governor of VA Terry McAuliffe, the mayor and city manager of Charlottesville VA are all Democrats and identitarians. I believe they planned for this to happen so they could virtue signal to the world, look how much we care and are against right wing violence, all the while ignoring the violence from the militant arm of the Democrat party, BLM and ANTIFA!!!

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