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Episode 860 When doing comparisons with object, products, or ideas, you need to make fair comparisons. You wouldn’t give someone an apple to taste and then give them an onion to compare the taste and flavor. There isn’t any comparison between the two.
For a long time now America has been compared to socialized western countries, and we are told we need to be more like them in almost every aspect. I keep asking the question why? What have they really accomplished in the last thousand years? How have they advanced economically, religiously, governmental? It wasn’t until America came onto the scene, that the other western countries had any cosmetician for the hearts and souls of mankind. From then on there has been a divide between America and Europe, that can’t be overcome with more government control.
America, for the past 0 plus years lead Europe in every way!!! We were freer, our liberty was protected by law, and we worked from the idea that each person is sovereign over their own lives!!! Our political system is a radical departure from the rest of the world!!! The only reason I see that folks want to go back to a European style of living, is some folks think they know better how to live other folks lives!!! That is about as un-American as one can get!!!

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