Christian University Trains Thousands of Students How to Safely Use Guns

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LYNCHBURG, VA — Instead of shying away from firearms, the world’s largest Christian university is teaching thousands of its students how to use them safely.

This week, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, opened a new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art gun range for students.

“Our president, Jerry Falwell Jr., and his father, Jerry Falwell Sr. have a saying that ‘if it’s Christian, it should be better’ – so we’re going to make it not only safe and competitive, but beautiful,” Liberty’s planning coordinator, Brad Butler, told Fox News. 

“Jerry Falwell Jr. is definitely a visionary when it comes to developing collegiate programs and activities that the students really want to be engaged in, and without his bold leadership and the support of the Second Amendment, we probably wouldn’t be developing a project as nice and sophisticated as this,” Butler said.

The facility will be used to allow students to practice shooting and hosting competitions among collegiate teams.

Before students can use the new range, they’re required to complete a free gun safety course offered through the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD).

More than 3,000 students have completed the course.

The university allows students in good standing with concealed carry permits to keep firearms in their dorm rooms. 

LUPD installs safes for those students to keep their guns safe while not in use.

Students with long guns like rifles or shotguns can store them at LU’s armory.

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