‘Almost the Entire Village Was Killed’: Guatemalans Still Devastated by Horrific Volcanic Eruption

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Guatemalan residents are taking matters into their own hands after authorities suspended recovery efforts in towns devastated by an eruption from the Fuego Volcano.

Entire villages were buried in volcanic ash and mud after Sunday’s eruption. Some 100 people were killed and 200 others were still missing on Thursday.

Many that survived fled to local shelters.

CBN News spoke with missionary Kim Weiler from Church of Zion who says most of the people are still in shock.

“Almost the entire village was killed – they don’t know how many but they say dozens of families were killed and they just made it here (escaped alive) and we’re praying for them right now – so pray with us,” he said.

Many who escaped with their lives still suffered burns from the molten lava- including children.

One of the most heart-breaking stories Weiler shared was of a woman who says she lost 40 members of her family from one village.

“She was able to see with her own two eyes how these people, her family was carried by the mudslide…this happened at lunchtime, the family was all together having lunch when they saw the eruption take place and it took everybody by surprise, they didn’t really  have a chance to get away,” one interpreter said.

She and her daughter survived because they heard the rumbling and went outside.

“Pray that the comfort of the Lord is over you – protect them, comfort them and your angels would be with them and their families in Jesus name,” Weiler said as he prayed for her family.

He says what they really need right now is money and medicine.

Eventually, the survivors will also need to find new homes.

” We want to help them rebuild their homes, rebuild their lives and that takes financial help, takes teams of people to come as well,  that’s where North America and the North American church can help in an amazing way,” he told CBN News.

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