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Alabama Grocery Store Cashier Donates Her Kidney to Sick Customer

Alabama Grocery Store Cashier Donates Her Kidney to Sick Customer

An Alabama woman received a New Year’s miracle after a local grocery store cashier offered to give her a kidney. 

Donnie Drummond, 53, was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago and has been waiting for a new kidney ever since, ABC News reports. This year, after years of difficulty finding a match and having gone through hundreds of dialysis treatments, a kind stranger offered her kidney to Drummond.

According to ABC News, Drummond’s husband Eddie Drummond, made his regular breakfast stop at a local grocery store on his way to work one morning, and his cashier, Leilani Crocker, 40, noticed that the typically smiling man seemed off. In a video interview with ABC News, Eddie shared that he told Crocker that his wife was having a difficult time with her dialysis treatments and needed a new kidney. Crocker, a mother of four and an Army veteran, quickly offered the man her kidney. 

She told the outlet, “a lot of people won’t do this; I don’t understand why they wouldn’t.”

Eddie expressed that, at first, he thought Crocker was joking with him. He said, “I really thought she was playing until she told me to set it up with my insurance company.”

Several months after making the offer, Crocker found out that she was a perfect match for Drummond and the two finally got to meet. 

Drummond told ABC News that Crocker was the answer to her prayers. She said, “God is so good, I’ve been praying for a miracle!”

The two, who have quickly become friends, are scheduled to have their transplant surgeries in February.  

“It’s the right thing to do. Something inside of me is telling me to do this. God works in mysterious ways,” Crocker said.

Photo courtesy: Neonbrand/Unsplash

Video courtesy: ABC News


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