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69-Year-Old Michigan Pastor Tased and Held at Gunpoint by Robbers While Sleeping in Mission House He Founded

69-Year-Old Michigan Pastor Tased and Held at Gunpoint by Robbers While Sleeping in Mission House He Founded

Events that occurred on Wednesday morning proved to be truly terrifying for Billy Allen, who states that he was tasered and robbed at gunpoint. The 69-year-old Michigan pastor was sleeping soundly before being awakened by the intruders. The crime took place in the mission house that Allen himself had founded to assist the homeless, along with others who might be in need.

Reports claim that the founder of Good Shepherd Mission in Stockbridge was suddenly jolted awake while he slept in Nehemiah House, which is located directly beside the church. Upon looking up, he observed two men standing in the room before one of them quickly tased him with a stun gun.

The 69-year-old refused to lay still, kicking his legs at the men in an attempt to defend himself. The pair then told him that they had a gun, and demanded money.

After handing over all of his cash, Allen’s ankles and feet were duct-taped together by the duo before they made their way out of Nehemiah House.  Fortunately, another person who happened to be staying in the mission house came to assist the pastor and sent for help.

“I’m old and I’m tired,” Allen told local television station WXYZ, becoming emotional during the interview. “I’m just asking God to intervene.”

Allen revealed that this was not the first time he had been the victim of a robbery; it was, however, the first time he had been tased. He mentioned that he was still sore from the frightening event.

“To torment and to hurt and to cause trauma to a pastor that’s so cared for so many people, it’s pathetic; it’s so sad,” Allen’s daughter-in-law, Kerri Allen, told television station WLNS.

Allen had previously worked as a nurse as well as in a foster home, and used the Nehemiah House to provide a place for the homeless along with others who were in need of shelter. He also runs a food pantry called Granny Dora’s Cupboard.

Allen stated that he has excused such incidences in the past and has never turned anyone in, but in this situation, he is taking steps to prosecute the case.

His family is offering a $2,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office has described the two suspects as “white males, one 5’5″ ft., 140 lbs. and the other over 6’0″ ft., 250-300 lbs.” To read the post in its entirety, click here.

Although Allen admits that he is upset, his daughter-in-law holds hope that “something good” will come out of the unfortunate situation.

“You just have to know Pastor Billy,” she said. “Good will come of this.”

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