33 Inspiring Walt Disney Quotes


When you need inspiration, who do you usually turn to?

It’s normal for anybody to have someone they listen to whenever they need motivation. Most people turn to their family. Several pour their heart out to their friends, expecting great advice in return. A good number look up to their bosses and expect them to share secrets to success with them.

But aside from these examples, you may have someone of influence whose story has inspired you in so many ways. You may not know these influential folks personally, but their words are enough to give you that boost you need to keep moving forward.

Walt Disney is one of those great individuals that a lot of people look up to for inspiration. This is not surprising at all, of course. The man has indeed done great things and has inspired generations.

The Walt Disney Story

Walt Disney was not exactly born into a well-off family. He often fell asleep in class when he was young, simply because he had to wake up early to do newspaper rounds and come home late at night after doing the same task.

Somehow, he knew early on what his passion was. He was already taking art classes during his free time. He also became a cartoonist for his high school paper. Eventually, he started earning a living with his skills.

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It was in 1928 when Disney came up with Mickey Mouse, and the rest was history. Note however, that the road to success was not easy for him. Before he came up with Mickey Mouse, he experienced several rejections and was even laid off from jobs before.

It was his passion for what he did that made him experience the success he achieved for the rest of his life.

The Words of Walt Disney

As someone who has been through so much, it is understandable that Walt Disney would have so much wisdom about life in general.

This is also the reason why most Disney movies have so many lessons in them. Walt Disney is not someone who just wishes to entertain – he is also someone who wishes to set the right example and inspire people to become successful the same way he did.

Below are some of the most inspiring quotes from Walt Disney. Take the time to think about each of these lines. Who knows? These could be the fire you need that would set you on your way to success.

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

33 Walt Disney Quotes

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