Asa Candler – Coca Cola

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Asa-CandlerAsa Candler was the entrepreneur behind Coca Cola and a fantastic example of what a Christian can do when he puts God first in his business. Starting from humble beginnings as a drugstore owner in Atlanta, he purchased the Coca Cola secret formula in 1888 and through his innovative marketing, sales and distribution efforts, grew Coca Cola into a national brand and an extraordinarily profitable business. Asa Candler was a major philanthropist for the Methodist Church and his contributions are still felt today, some 85 years since he went to be with the Lord. His $1M gift to a small college in Oxford, GA to become the Methodist college of the South, became the prestigious Emory University we know today. He also gave millions to what is now Emory Hospital. Candler was elected mayor of Atlanta in 1916.

He remarkable life as a Christian Businessman is detailed in the book God’s Capitalist.


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