30 Of The Best Sayings and Quotes About Sisters

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Having a sister can both be a blessing and a curse. Sisters can be very annoying. They can irritate the hell out of you. They can push you to your limits and cause you to wonder how it would feel if you didn’t even have a sibling in the first place.

But when you really dig deep at what your sister can be to you, you’ll start to realize that sometimes, you just can’t live without them. Sisters are, after all, regular human beings with flaws and shortcomings.

But when given the chance, they can be quite amazing.

What role can sisters play in your life?

Quotes About Sisters

The Confidante

You may see your sister as a tattletale, especially when you were still kids. But as you guys mature and your sister gains wisdom, their role gradually shifts. They start taking on the part of a listener, a counselor, a shock absorber.

There’s just something comforting about being able to tell your sister everything. They’ll have different reactions for sure. Some will stay quiet and soak in all the stories and woes you have to share. Some will react and will jump in to find solutions to your issues.

No matter how it turns out, it will always feel good having taken everything off your chest. This unloading process can be crucial in healing your brokenness.


The Protector

Sister Quotes

Who says only big brothers protect their siblings? Sisters can do that, too. When someone attempts to bully you or gives you a hard time, you can trust your sister to jump right in and shield you from any damage, whether physically or emotionally.

This scenario works even if your sister picks on you every so often. Maybe your sister just likes teasing you. Maybe your sister enjoys having a bit of power over you.

But when it comes to other people stepping in on her turf and trying to exercise their own power, trust that she’s going to be your gatekeeper, chasing those bullies away.


The Spoiler

Sister Quotes

By spoiler, I don’t mean somebody who spoils your plans. I’m not saying that she preempts the turnout of a movie or your favorite TV show, either. By spoiler, I mean someone who spoils you and gives you anything you want, even if it comes with some eye rolls.

Sometimes, sisters just can’t resist helping you out, or giving in to your little whims (especially if it’s an older sister). A simple hint that you need something, and they’ll jump right in and buy whatever it is.

Sure, this also comes with a really long sermon sometimes. They’ll probably tell you how you’ve been wasting money on useless things. They’ll give you quite an earful about how what you’re asking her to buy isn’t that cheap. They’ll ramble on and on about how money doesn’t grow on trees. But yeah, they’ll give in to what you need anyway.

Of course, there are also those lucky ones who have sisters that say yes, no questions asked. If you’re one of these people, you’ve got to realize how lucky you are.


The Adviser

Sister Quotes

If you feel like your sister talks too much, well this is one great way for them to channel all that chattiness into something productive.

Sisters may annoy you most of the time, but when push comes to shove, they also have some wisdom that can help you go through anything. This especially works if you have different personalities, beliefs, and insights.

You may hate her for giving you advice that goes against what you think you know. But you’ve got to admit, a different perspective can be quite useful every so often.

I guess the only reason why we guard ourselves against sisterly advice is the fact that our pride gets in the way. Sometimes, we feel like we can do it on our own. But your sister’s wisdom, if you listen to it, could get you out of a few scrapes and close calls.


The Conscience

Sister Quotes

Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you’re already taking the wrong path. Guess who’s going to point it right to your face: your sister.

This is probably one of the reasons why you hate her. It’s because she’s always pointing out the wrong things you’re doing. You may feel like she’s such a big Know-It-All – and that may be true to some extent.

But this is also something you need, especially when you’re going down a path that may be hard to get out of eventually.

Now remember that sisters aren’t just siblings. For those who do not have sisters, they may consider a cousin as someone who takes these roles.

You don’t even have to be bound by blood to find a sister figure. There are a lot of cases when people you’re not even related to can stand in as a sibling.

To help you realize how important sisters can be in your life, here are a few beautiful quotes for you:

Totally True Sister Quotes

Quotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About SistersQuotes About Sisters

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